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C2S takes care of your Wire & Cable production lines.

Setic s.a.s. has developed an after-sales strategy based on its worldwide presence to offer services to the Wire & Cable industry. Rich of a long and successful experience, the ‘C2S’ department provides ALL BRANDS spare parts including its own ranges SETIC and POURTIER. 


Spare Parts C2S

1. Spare Parts

All brands spare parts for wire and cable rotating machinery

2. Bow Technology

High Technology bows  designed and manufactured in collaboration with the most renowned cable makers.

Bow technology logo cable lyre
Upgrade rotating cable machinery services

3. Upgrades

A team at your service to study lines improvements, productions evolution, replacement of obsolete items

4. Services

Training and consulting, repair operations, assistance in troubleshooting

c2s service for cable machinery

5. Industry 4.0

The way to collect, analyse and use machinery data in an innovative way, for an improved efficiency.

Prevent unexpected machine failures and manage just-in-time maintenance operations to improve OEE thanks to a self-learning AI

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SETIC est honorée d’avoir reçu 15K€ de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes dans le cadre du programme « Industrie d’Avenir », visant à accompagner son développement de

Wire SouthEast Asia Bangkok 2022

SETIC POURTIER C2S booth A05 October 05th – 07th 2022 – Bangkok Thailand Wire and Tube Southeast Asia 2022 – the International wire, cable, tube

Bow Technology FAQ

Why should we prefer Bow Technology from C2S? They are the only bows designed and manufactured by double twist machine makers. Do you have a

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