Bow Technology FAQ

Why should we prefer Bow Technology from C2S?

They are the only bows designed and manufactured by double twist machine makers.

Do you have a dedicated team working on bow design ?

Research & Development Engineers are specialised in materials and Design Officers are working on Autocad 3D pro-engineer.

Do you carry out trials before marketing the bows you produce ?

Components are tested on the dedicated Bow Testing Machine which simulates twinning / stranding operations to check vibrations levels, deformation, electrical power consumption, sound levels and friction of the product inside the bow.

Should a design be not yet proposed, do you develop it ?

Yes, we offer 100% customized designs : our office can work from original drawings or genuine parts to offer additional brand models or upgraded ones for older machines. The study costs are not passed on our customers.

Does it take a long time to develop a new design ?

Main components are in stock to compose prototypes in short times : from pre-shaped carbon fibres to low friction coatings along with a wide range of wire path accessories

Why using “high module” carbon flyer bows ?

Not only the equipment mounted onto the carbon flyer bows is important, but also the inner composition of the carbon flyer bow itself. If inappropriate carbon is used, harmful vibrations are affecting the main bearings, and lead to a premature wear.

Are you facing bow failures ?

It is of upmost importance to work in a safe environment, amateurish bows manufactured with insufficient technology and experience may result in severe injuries, so it is worth contacting specialists to avoid dangerous bow crashes !

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