Industry 4.0 functionalities on SETIC and POURTIER equipment

SETIC / C2S proposes Industry 4.0 innovations, especially on Al learning system to monitor deviations and predict failures. This system can equip new machines and can also be installed on older wire and cable production lines.

Detect at the earliest, repair at the latest

  • Specific data are collected through embarked sensors, or recovered from the control system (PLC and drives). The system receives in real time heterogeneous data, allowing to predict the evolution of the machine thanks to a dedicated Al.
  • Some “specific events” or “deviation” alarms are notified to mobile devices (tabs, smartphone…).
  • Historical data is available on a specific dashboard.

Monitor and optimize production

  • Definition of deviation limits
  • Energy consumption monitoring

Remote access for faster troubleshootings

  • Remote diagnostics and adjustements by specialized SETIC engineers and technicians